Feira de Santana

Feira de Santana is the 3rd ‘fitinha’ chair of the collection. Here we have a vintage 70’s egg style armchair. It has been upholstered in a combination of green and orange wools which have been emphasized by the white and magenta pink, grid patterned buttons. The back of the chair has been adorned with over 5000 colourful fitinhas do Senhor do Bonfim, (to find out what these are and the story behind them, see Rio Vermelho and Graca below.)

Feira de Santana e a terceira ‘fitinha’ da coleção. Aqui nós temos uma poltronavintage dos anos 70 do estilo ovo. Foi estofados em uma combinação de lãsverde e laranja, que foram enfatizadas pelos quadriculados branco e rosamagenta botões . O encosto da cadeira tem sido adornado com fitinhas coloridas mais de 5000 do Senhor do Bonfim, (para descobrir mais leia a história do RioVermelho e Graça abaixo.)

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One thought on “Feira de Santana

  1. I love these chairs (although I’m not a fan of the Union Flag of Great Britain). The outer fabric reminds me of old rag mats which, in the UK at least, were made by anyone who happened to be passing your house. You’d have a load of rags and simply thread them through the mat while catching up with your friend.

    The standard upholstery on these chairs looks great, lovely woollen fabrics look great on these shapes. Nice work.

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